If you're the kind of guy who likes to get attention by wearing a hubcap on his waist, you are in the wrong place. We think metal belt buckles are stupid. They're heavy, uncomfortable, and they hold you up at airport security. Seriously, what are you trying to prove?

Our belts use hook and loop fastener, one of man's greatest inventions. Of course it makes a really cool sound when it's ripped apart, but its benefits don't stop there. It's infinitely adjustable, so there are no notches to jab at your self esteem as you move on to the next one. It is virtually undetectable by the NSA, and it's washable. Ever put a metal buckle in the dryer? We don't recommend it.

Because they're made with polypropelene, the belts are extremely lightweight and completely repurposeable. Need to strap a skateboard to your bike or bundle together a stack of books? They're perfect for that. Need to swing across a pit from a tree branch or zip across a power line from one building to the next? You're in business.

Wolfsen belts aren't just practical, they look good on your waist. Brown belts can match your brown shoes. Black belts can match your black shoes. Good for you. Stop wearing boring shoes, and stop wearing boring belts. The belt is the new tie for guys who don't wear ties.